Thessaloniki is a beautiful city of Greece, attracting millions of travelers on an annual basis. Both on business and leisure, guests are welcome to explore its unique character and indulge in its magnificent attractions. Using Lazart Hotel Trademark Collection By Wyndham as your starting point, you will be able to enjoy Lazaristes Monastery as a hub of culture and art, as well as discover the magic of Thessaloniki from a privileged view. Enjoy!
Sights and Attractions
Thessaloniki is an enchanting city, a queen in the north of Greece that boasts its unique character and splendid aura. Once you visit Thessaloniki, you immediately fall in love...
History could not be left out, when it comes to a legendary city such as that of Thessaloniki. This is why there are many museums throughout the city depicting its glorious past.
Who doesn’t know about the effervescent, vibrant nightlife of Thessaloniki? The city that never sleeps offers the most splendid entertainment options to those who...
Shopping Center
Thessaloniki is a wonderful place, not only thanks to its natural beauty and the imposing landmarks. It is also a great place to shop and come up with amazing bargains.
Located at the crossroads of multiple different cultures, where the Orient meets the West and where the past meets the present in a wonderful blend, Thessaloniki is a wonder of its own.
Nearby Excursions
When you visit Thessaloniki, time goes by so fast because you always have something to do, somewhere to be. But for those who wish to explore the places nearby...
How to Get There
Macedonia Airport in Thessaloniki is the most popular way to get to city, whether you are flying from abroad or traveling from another part of Greece. Santorini is an easily accessible destination.
Discover More
Explore the City<br>
Explore the City
Once you visit Thessaloniki, you immediately fall in love with its beauty and refinement.
Baroque Lounge Bar
Baroque Lounge Bar
The perfect spot to relax.
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