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Thessaloniki is an enchanting city, a queen in the north of Greece that boasts its unique character and splendid aura. Once you visit Thessaloniki, you immediately fall in love with its beauty and refinement. This is why all travelers promise to come back again to this marvelous city and never fail to do so…till the next time…

Amongst the finest sights and attractions of Thessaloniki, perhaps the most iconic landmark is that of the White Tower. This tower has been transformed into a museum about the city and its people. It has six different floors and visitors can climb up to reach the top and admire the scenic views from above. The White Tower is without a doubt the most photographed monument of Thessaloniki, located at the promenade of the harbor. The Monument of Alexander the Great nearby captivates the attention and admiration of all passers-by and is proudly located by the seafront.

Another major attraction of the city is the Church of Agios Dimitrios, the protector of Thessaloniki. This is an emblematic church with distinctive mosaics, frescoes and an intriguing crypt. The building has survived the most destructive wars, fires and conflicts, making it an exceptional monument to visit. Do not forget to visit the Church of Agia Sofia and Rotunda, too!

Aristotelous Square is the most famous square of Thessaloniki. Some stores have been there for decades, adding to the special character of the area. You are encouraged to stroll up and down, admiring the special architecture of the city and take in the distinct atmosphere overwhelming the square. And when you need some rest, the picturesque cafés will serve you well! Last but not least, Ladadika is a wonderful district reviving the world-renowned effervescent nightlife of the city. This is where you will find the loveliest bars and music halls for all tastes.
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