History could not be left out, when it comes to a legendary city such as that of Thessaloniki. This is why there are many museums throughout the city depicting its glorious past. When you visit Thessaloniki, therefore, you are greatly encouraged to visit at least some of these museums. Your visit will offer you a glimpse at its unique character and amazing influence over time.
The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki should be the first stop on your trip.  The museum depicts the history of Thessaloniki, Macedonia and Northern Greece in general. With a wide array of exhibits reflecting the past, the museum offers great resources of knowledge about the city. It boasts excellent organization and detailed descriptions that add to the overall user experience.
The Museum of Byzantine Culture recounts the legendary history of the Byzantine Empire. You will be impressed not only for the exhibits, but also for the distinctive architecture of the building housing the museum. A glorious era comes alive through the artifacts and the descriptions of the collections found inside. The galleries are divided in a chronological manner, making it easy to navigate.
Ataturk Museum is another fine place attracting travelers from the Orient and the rest of the world. This is the birthplace of Kemal Ataturk, who originated the modern Turkish form of state. An emblematic personality, without a doubt! Finally, you should include the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle within your explorations. You will find intriguing details about the history of Thessaloniki and the struggle of the Macedonian region to become part of Greece.
These are just few of the museums found throughout the city of Thessaloniki, welcoming you to discover them and learn more about its impressive history and past glory.
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