Located at the crossroads of multiple different cultures, where the Orient meets the West and where the past meets the present in a wonderful blend, Thessaloniki is a wonder of its own. Its enchanting character is unmatched, as is its distinctive gastronomy. With influences of all the diverse cultures and with a mastery carved after whole centuries of experience, Thessaloniki composes its dreamy cuisine and welcomes you to have a taste…and then taste again…

Local gastronomy is pretty abundant and covers all tastes and preferences. You will find picturesque taverns with traditional recipes, served in plain dishes that do not want to deprive taste of the starring role. This is where you will most likely try out meze with ouzo or tsipouro. Meze is any savory delicacy served in a small plate, so as for everyone to have a bite or maybe two of each culinary wonder over a glass of wine.

Of course, there are cosmopolitan restaurants where you can eat kingly and enjoy supreme dining experiences with a stunning view. But as it has been said by many Thessaloniki enthusiasts, you should also have a taste of the local cuisine and above anything else try out its street food. The impressive bougatsa, a pastry that comes with fyllo and rich cream filling, topped with sugar and served right out of the oven, is a special treat 24/7. Different fillings include spinach or minced meat or even savory cheese, but the authentic bougatsa is sweet and purely mesmerizing.

Experiment with the traditional recipes and try out as many as you can, because Thessaloniki is world famous for its rich, fragrant and absolutely delicious cuisine!
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