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When you visit Thessaloniki, time goes by so fast because you always have something to do, somewhere to be. But for those who wish to explore the places nearby, there are excursions that will make their day. Whether you have rented a car or you prefer to use public transportations, these nearby excursions will unveil a lot more beautiful places that you will remember with the sweetest details.

First of all, you can head to Chalkidiki and Mount Athos at the southeast side of Thessaloniki. Chalkidiki actually consists of three different peninsulas, which are named Cassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos. The last peninsula is the emblematic Agio Oros, where only men are allowed to enter along with the monks who live in the area. No matter if you wish to access this religious place, you will definitely enjoy the azure waters of Chalkidiki and relax, soaking under the sun of the Mediterranean.

Pella is a prominent historic attraction on the way to Edessa from Thessaloniki. In this archaeological site, you will find a wealth of exhibits and ancient ruins worth visiting. Pozar thermal springs are nearby, as well as Kaimaktsalan ski resort and the magnificent waterfalls of Edessa. Pieria is another place where travelers will have the chance to enjoy natural beauty and head to Mount Olympus and the mountains nearby.

You can also access Kerkini Lake and Vergina, Lagadas and the world renowned site of Amphipolis. These are all exquisite excursions that you can complete even within a day. Having Thessaloniki as your starting point, Northern Greece is inviting you to discover!
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